Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boom Box Project

It says the last you guys heard from me was in Feb!
That's mighty long!
Apologies for the delay
and let me make it up to you
with a rather long and fun post!

'twas developed for a very dear friend's
27th birthday!
Though what you will see below
are only the illustrations 
and a little bit of the graphic part,
let me tell you the main bit was the video!
Hell yeah!
The first video shot, edited and published 
by us folks at D4Design!
And perhaps I shall share that with you too
(though not today)

So here we go
(Its the intro which opens the super awesome video I just mentioned.
Imagine it rolling up the screen as in Star Wars,
floating on a galaxy far far away.)
On the 27th Day of January,
Shiva Created

The Dark Knight aka Bad Boy Boomer aka Dada aka DB aka Piku (wtf!)

Episode XXVII

Ticking away the moments
that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours
in an off hand way

Kicking around on a piece of ground
in your home town
Waiting for you to turn up
and open the cafe!

Never tire of lying in the sunshine
the sun is the same in a relative way
Turning 27 on the 27th of january
is a sign we say

So bring out the "charms "
and you bring out that bong
Rev that engine
And have a fuckin' AWESOME day!

The CD cover shot #1

The CD cover shot #2

The CD cover shot #3
(Yes that's my thumbprint and the signature D symbol)

The CD cover shot #4
(All open and ready to be seen by the world!)

Mugshot of our very dear friend!
(Sketched with the good ol' pencil, rotrings and put together on 
Photoshop with a few assembled elements to make up a collage)

(Yes that is (almost) all the people who feature in the movie)

And below you can see all the characters, 
enlarged in all their glory!

Ta-da! And finally me as well!

So if you too would like to gift someone 
Get in touch with us!
Coz seriously, everything else is so pass`e!