Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boom Box Project

It says the last you guys heard from me was in Feb!
That's mighty long!
Apologies for the delay
and let me make it up to you
with a rather long and fun post!

'twas developed for a very dear friend's
27th birthday!
Though what you will see below
are only the illustrations 
and a little bit of the graphic part,
let me tell you the main bit was the video!
Hell yeah!
The first video shot, edited and published 
by us folks at D4Design!
And perhaps I shall share that with you too
(though not today)

So here we go
(Its the intro which opens the super awesome video I just mentioned.
Imagine it rolling up the screen as in Star Wars,
floating on a galaxy far far away.)
On the 27th Day of January,
Shiva Created

The Dark Knight aka Bad Boy Boomer aka Dada aka DB aka Piku (wtf!)

Episode XXVII

Ticking away the moments
that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours
in an off hand way

Kicking around on a piece of ground
in your home town
Waiting for you to turn up
and open the cafe!

Never tire of lying in the sunshine
the sun is the same in a relative way
Turning 27 on the 27th of january
is a sign we say

So bring out the "charms "
and you bring out that bong
Rev that engine
And have a fuckin' AWESOME day!

The CD cover shot #1

The CD cover shot #2

The CD cover shot #3
(Yes that's my thumbprint and the signature D symbol)

The CD cover shot #4
(All open and ready to be seen by the world!)

Mugshot of our very dear friend!
(Sketched with the good ol' pencil, rotrings and put together on 
Photoshop with a few assembled elements to make up a collage)

(Yes that is (almost) all the people who feature in the movie)

And below you can see all the characters, 
enlarged in all their glory!

Ta-da! And finally me as well!

So if you too would like to gift someone 
Get in touch with us!
Coz seriously, everything else is so pass`e!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Promising 2011

a BIG hello!!
I know I've been missing in action for about two months now!!
Blame it on work and 2011,
which seems to have brought some very interesting projects
my way indeed!

So lets kick start this year's posts with 
our very own cards and letterheads!!
Yup, finally!

D4Design is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy 
that aims to challenge prevalent interaction methods 
using a design methodology that adds a fresh perspective 
to overall scheme of things. 
The focus is to deliver a unique solution, 
underlined with humor if required. 
With a dash of minimalism, 
we like to create 
memorable end products 
that are fun to use. 
If you're looking for strong visual concepts to stir things up, 
do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Building Identity : 
At D4Design, we believe that fun must be an integral part to something as boring as a serious adult life. We believe in a communication that is simple yet effective. Something that draws from a personal experience. Something with a human touch. Be it for something tangible for consumer goods, or a service, its the part where people connect to it that goes a long way in sustaining the image. We at D4D, draw from just that and aim at creating memorable end products to help you build a truly unique identity. Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Print related material in terms of brochures, mailers,

Graphics & Illustrations :
Be it hand drawn or digital. Be it 50's Joe Bowler style or a unique characterization. Be it a dark grunge look or a funny caricature. At D4Design we take illustrations and graphics as serious as they get. From Mascots, to children's books; from avant-garde styling, to technical product sketches; from ornate textile prints to contemporary digital work; we indulge in everything on the shelf, and then some more! We enjoy working with typography and even at the cost of sounding repetitive, repeat that we aim to provide unique solutions.

Image Editing :
Every Tom down the street can edit an image these days. But what he usually lacks is aesthetic sensibility, the required skill set to deliver what is really expected out of the job. Be it image processing, image editing, image vectorization, our team at D4D using the latest technology & graphic tools, will provide you with amazing one of a kind services at affordable price. 
(the latter is subject to many conditions of course ;-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Tis The Season to be MERRY!

'Tis the Season to be Merry!
And although christmas came and went,
the festive cheer is still in the air!
and we here at D have something extra special 
to share with you all!

Following are a set of X'Mas n New Year Ecards
developed for Amarchand Mangaldas, 
the law firm's Delhi office. 
Amarchand Mangaldas is the exclusive Indian member firm of 
Lex Mundi, the world's leading association of independent law firms. 
The firm has recently won the Indian Law Firm of the Year award at IFLR Asia Awards 2010, 
Firm of the Year - India award at Who’s Who Legal - Country and State Awards 2010 
and India Deal Firm of the Year award at ALB SE Asia Awards 2010.

All copyrights have been acquired by Amarchand Mangaldas
and are their property. 
They are being shared by their permission only, 
and any copying would only attract legal action.

Ecard 1
For general office use. 
Santa and Rudolph hug the Amarchand Mangaldas Building
and envelop it in all the Festive cheer!
Snow, snowflakes, sparkles, and all the baubles 
for all the employees!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Tools Used : Corel, Photoshop

Ecard 2
For the Lawyers.
The sparkling Crystal Ball
with the cute as a button Rudolph.
Standing adorably with the Christmas tree on his head, 
as the snowflakes fall around him and 
light up the christmassy red background!

Tools Used : Corel, Photoshop

Ecard 3
For Mr & Mrs Shroff
Sants hugs the crystal ball with Rudolph!
What joy!!

Tools Used : Corel, Photoshop

Hope everyone enjoyed this year
And I hope 2011 is only better!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Commissioned Caricature!

From the land of Muscat, Oman!

I know I've been away far too long.
First it was work, and now,
here I am in the land of 
dates and nighties, 
(pun intended, and no offense meant so kindly do not take any!)
visiting my sister and brother in law.

The past one month has been crazy!
With a bucket load of things to be shared, 
I assure you the following posts will have 
a vast array of interesting-ness on offer!

To begin with,
my first commissioned caricature!
By the very pretty and witty
Sweta Singh.
You can check out the doctor's blogs here and here.
Sadly we couldn't spend as much time together,
but with promises of a next time, 
it indeed has been a start of a new bond.

The caricature was commissioned for Doc sa'ab's 
would be sis in law and her hubby to be. 
And I must add, that all likeness is owed to her inputs entirely.

Though I do not have a picture of the couple with the artwork,
I am however going to share the caricature in progress 
till it was finally framed.

Sapna and Varun, are quite into yoga and head out to spiritual retreats,
hence it was decided that they be seated on 
Sapna's Pink yoga mat.
The overall color theme is also as pink as I could keep it,
since it is the bride's favorite color.
Varun is a lawyer and has an earphone tucked away in one ear at all times,
thus the lawyer's garb.
They're both surrounded with some of their favorite things.
Varun's penchant for big expensive cars,
And Sapna's music box.
Also loads of perfume bottles line up the front 
since both of them love them to bits! 

First Glimpse in pencil.

The color starts seeping in. 
And the detailing begins to emerge in little things such as
Sapna's one slightly bigger tooth, big eyes, and small feet. 
(I hope she wouldn't kill me if she ever met me in person)
She's holding a Mic in her hand as she's a TV show producer,
and is clad in a pink saree 
(on the lines of the one she wore on her engagement
accompanied with the similar jewellery as well),
and is wearing her golden star pendant which she wears all the time. 

 Tools Used : Water colors, Acrylics, Colored Pencils, 
Rotring, Photo inks, Pencil  

And finally the complete artwork, 
fully painted.
It's titled "Love is in the air"
While "Love" takes shape 
out of the surrounding vines and leaves
"is in the air" is formed out of the 
electric wires running between two poles.
It also has two Love Birds getting cozy on them, 
while you can see the two poles on either side, 
framing the lovely couple. 

 Almost complete Artwork sans the vows.

And the final thing, with my 
signature style typography swirling around the canvas.

It was handed over to Sweta, framed and 
accompanied along with a wrapping paper and a red bow.

And I sincerely hope, 
both Sapna & Varun
would have liked it just as much as 
the wonderful girl who commissioned it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look me in the Eye

The dark night of the new moon,
lining the edge of her eye;
Led me to the saucer ful ocean,
of newsprint dye.
She rained on my thoughts,
from the folds of her skin.
I had to capture her,
in charcoal and ink.

Tools used : Charcoal stub, pencil, rotring, photo inks, 
newsprint collage in the background

Sunday, December 5, 2010

That 50s Show in Print

 I did a series of posts titled 

That 50s Show a while back, 
for a jewellery collection entitled Chiffon`e.
And the final test prints in color 
are finally in in!
If you're looking for the reference to the original illustrations,
you can find them herehereherehere and here.
The final brochure is accompanied with a 
matching chiffon (hence the name of the collection) scarf
in purple with a pink border.

The gray background is in matte and 
the illustrations are a tad bit glossier as they have a UV coating,
thus giving a 3d feel to them 
as they appear a little embossed upon touch.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Old Musings & New Pairings

As the work gathers momentum, what I miss are
sketching random sketches, and thinking random thoughts.
But perhaps what I miss more is going through them after 
a couple days / months / years
and chancing upon a pairing between the two. 
Its like being in the same state at different points in time.
There is an underlining stream of thought,
connecting them in more ways than the mere creative one.

The same things.
Over and over.

It all just goes on.
And on.
And on.

The buzz in the head,
mellows to mingle
with all the noises around.

There is a sleepy intoxication.

It makes 
even the handwriting,
drawl like a drunkard.

So much so, that 
you can't even recognize it
to be your own anymore.

But with every passing day,
the feeling doesn't remain as alien.
The cathartic knowing-ness,
settles in.
You get used to thinking
the same thoughts.


They sleep with you
and wake up with you
at odd hours.

Rising up at their whim.

The same thing.
Over and over.

Tools used : Water colors, Photo ink washes, acrylics, rotring ink,
pencil and marker.

The text in bold, chanced upon in an old diary from 2005, while I was in NY,
and the illustration originally titled "look me in the eye" from 2009.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Safety Comes First!

Real Adventures
Real Icons
And an output that is as unique as it gets.
I would admit I was at a wits end when I was asked 
to design a business card for a rafting camp.

After much thought and researching 
on what other camps had to offer in the country,
the path to be taken was pretty clear.
A simple yet effective card that would convey 
what the camp's strength is, 
I engaged global symbology which would be identifiable
by anyone across the globe at a mere glance.

Below is the first option that I proposed.
The card is built on a continuation of graphics from front to back, 
with the waves merging with the A of Archit.
Thus the elements are made to merge in such a way 
with the typography 
that there is a certain cohesiveness to the whole output.

It was suggested that the card be printed 
on a recycled gray hand made paper.

Following is the final Option that was decided upon
Adventure sports are an activity that involve
a great deal of safety and accountability
on the part of the organizer, 
hence adding the helmets and the life jackets
to say that yes it's an adventure but at the same time, 
they’re fully equipped to ensure your safety.

Eventually as it turns out, the rafting season had already started
and even though the card never saw the light of the day,
there still is a possibility and its still worth a share!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali

Its that time of the year again.
The gleaming diyas illuminating the dark night,
The echo of chants invoking the gods of prosperity,
Its Deepwali!
and we at D4Design wish you and your loved ones 
a Happy and Prosperous one!

This is specially for everyone checking out the blog.
A very very very Happy Deepawali to all of you!
Thanks for all the comments / inputs / following
and appreciating over the months!

Lots of diyas
even more laddoos
(or any mithais / sweets for that matter!)
Best of both Ma Laxmi & Lord Ganesha, 
we at D4Design,
sincerely have to say this :

"Designers we are, intrepid & bold
Out in the world, amongst wonders untold.
Equipped with wits, and aesthetic sensibilities,
We nudge you to try us, and our many abilities.
We will bring you treasures and a wishing tree!
We wish you a prosperous and Happy Deepawali!"

And this is the official D4Design Ecard.
Those of you on our mailing list, 
would have already received it.
The one hanging below is my partner in crime,
Most of you have already seen him here

Following are some of the commissioned Ecards we did for someone
we go back with since kindergarten!
Can't reveal much more, 
but in case any of you would have received any diwali wishes from them, 
you would know!

The watermarks obviously did not appear on the original artwork.
(And this particular one was rejected), 
but it laid the ground work for what was to follow.

It depicts a small township,
the big house in pink depicting the firm it was commissioned for,
as the lights light up the facade brighter, 
the rangoli upfront invites one in,
and its being visited by the goddess laxmi herself.

Another option of the same was presented for a calmer,
more cheerful version.

The second concept has Lord Ganesha acting as 
the lady of justice.
(Yes it was a law firm, hard to hide that now!)

He mischievously looks from under his blindfold and
eyes the weighing scale that is filled with laddoos on both sides.
He holds a mallet and secretly wishes to say
"Order Order!!"
(for all the disarray that besets the world at the moment!)

This too was not opted for and was refined further as you can see below.

A more adolescent Ganesha with color within lines. 
It was refined further, 
till it reached a cuter, more child like stage.

Baby Ganesha
Wishing everyone self awareness this Diwali.
Floating in a the calm tufts of clouds,
with wisdom, 
hunger for knowledge 
(for he carries his books up there),
(yes, I love them!)
(for all the glitter and sparkles in the sky)
and blessings

"One who sees all
but whom no one beholds,
One who illuminates the intellect,
the sun, the moon and the stars
and the whole universe
but whom they can not illumine,
That indeed is the inner self.
This Diwali, illuminate the self,
illuminate the world."

The layout that was finalized was close to this one, 
and perhaps I would be able to share it with you once the festival passes us by.

The third concept took off on a simple brief that asked for
diyas to be used creatively

What better way to illumine the entire world?
the feedback however was to avoid the color black,
and to instead go for something brighter and cheerful.
India was also asked to be paid special attention to.

The layout that was finalized was close to this one, 
and perhaps I would be able to share it with you once the festival passes us by.

It was animated and all the diyas of the world
twinkled and sparkled.

What better way is there to wish one a Happy Diwali.
Save Paper, opt for Ecards.
Please don't burst crackers, 
really they pollute a hell lot and scare my doggie to bits!

Lets be a little more sensitive to our surroundings
and enjoy a Deepawali that truly is Happy for everyone around.

Warm wishes from us folks at D!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Type-ful Graphics!

When the mind is restless
and the spirit is out flying
blogs tend to take a backseat.
I've been slacking more often than not.
But work has definitely been picking up
for us folks at D

I featured a certain caricature I'd done for a friend. 
The caricature itself was done about a year back, 
and the link to the post can be found here :

And what good use it has come to!
My friend has started his own site at
The background that reads "Media Is Social"
was entirely Arjun's idea, and the execution is mine.

The typography is courtesy me too.
A lot of work off late has started revolving around type.
If a picture can tell a thousand words, 
then imagine what a good representative text could do!

Following are the doodles suggested for the banner for the brief as he gave me :

Had the most amount of fun doing this one!
But I guess the complexity really did make it a bit incomprehensible.
Finally the following was decided upon
for a simple stark effect type that was both readable and very tech.

Various options were suggested 
for a digital representation.

Though eventually a classic White on Black was decided upon, 
I think some of them did turn up pretty darn cyberpunk!
 Which as a genre, I personally think after much research, 
lacks some good typography to match up to the animations and the graphics.
By and large, type remains to be an under explored subject 
in the overall scheme of things.

So now coming back to the caricature
It has been used on the Bio section of the site

Its been modified to make Arjun maintain his geek-ery as he likes to call it!
In case you are wondering why it looks different from the original,
then its because its a patchwork of arjun's famous thick black geek glasses,
half of his nose and and his lips!
Arjun did you know that??

Hope you enjoy going through his site,
(though it is still a work in progress)
By the way, this post has been featured on this post!

Promise to come back soon with more stuff!