Monday, September 27, 2010

That 50s Show Part IV

We have already established that 
Steve and Emma 
are in love.

But really, you gotta see it to believe it right?!
What better than a petite young lady
in a warm embrace with a tall, well suited handsome lad?!
Both of their faces lit up with a warm smile,
the one that's born out of a satisfaction for being in the moment.

Embrace on the first glimpse.
Tools : The good ol' pencil

Emma's arm in this first sketch looked rather chunky,
hence necessary steps were taken to make them toned,
as shown in the sketch below.

Tools used : Cartridge stained with tea and photoinks.
painted and lined with acrylics, water colors, poster paints, colored pencils, 
photo inks, rotring, and pretty much anything and everything!

There is a slight play with light and shadow 
to make the sketch come to life a bit.

A simple well cut evening dress in turquoise,
teamed with a simple pair of diamond studs,
spell a style that is refined with a classic bend.
The hand resting on Steve's shoulder is repositioned,
the reason for which I can't yet reveal, 
though I can say  that it is but a mere prop after all!

Steve clad in a brown suit, 
teamed with a classic white shirt
and a red tie,
is definitely inspired from Don Draper
(I wouldn't lie),
His big hand around Emma's petite frame
inspires a sense of security
like he will be there for her till eternity!
*sigh, how yummy is that really?!

And finally them both on the background we need em on!
What bliss on a winter-y gray stained sheet!

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