Saturday, September 18, 2010

That 50s Show Part I

Following is going to be one long post!
I've been working on a promotion campaign
for a collection for something under wraps, 
Now, I can't reveal what's it for, 
but would share the process
and perhaps even the entire print booklet all in good time!
It's a little story we have here, 
set in the modern day, 
but inspired from the 50s.
So you would find a lot of inspiration 
from Joe Bowler, Andy Virgil, and the biggies of the era!
Needless to say it is merely to depict a certain timelessness 
pertaining to the product in question.

Its also something I thoroughly enjoyed working on.
Also because its a whole lot different from what I've attempted so far.
So the results have been sort of surprising for me
and delightful of course!
I hope you enjoy them too!
Do watch out for the next couple of posts 
and do leave me your comments / suggestions et al!

So here we go,
Or narrative starts with a bright young man by the name,
who's looking for something rather special for his girl, 
Thus he decided to give a call to Emma's sister,
(Who you would promptly be introduced in the follow up post)

Steve on the first glimpse.
Tools : Good ol pencil

Its important at this stage to let you know
that Steve is an up and coming architect
working where else but New York!
(Those who know me, would understand the relevance of things here!)

Steve painted 
Tools used : Cartridge stained with tea and photoinks.
Steve painted and lined with acrylics, water colors, poster paints, colored pencils, 
photo inks, rotring, and pretty much anything and everything!

He has a Mac on his table,
and of course a starbucks on the go!
A land line that's red and retro
to match a lamp shedding light over
an orange pen 
resting upon a draft.
To add to the styling taking off from the 50s,
his hair are combed back and
he's wearing a suit!
(Blame Mad Men for that!!)

Steve touched up on Photoshop

And also given a Blackberry!
Now c'mon! who in New York can be a swanky architect,
and not have fancy phones?!
Also a Starbucks Mug, so his office space is personalized!

Steve cropped to the size we need in order to work with him further

He's also given a window!
You can see a certain building behind him
And all of a sudden, the light on the sides of the face is justified right?
Yes, it was all a part of the plan!
The blinds are also cropped and given a certain amount of shadow
so that one can tell there is glass behind and the window is closed.
(Not really relevant but blame the devil for the detail!)

Finally we have him on the background that we need him on.
Its just been desaturated.
(So much for all the photoinks!)
But yeah, makes Steve pop a bit more!

So stay tuned for the follow up post to know
what exactly Steve has to Say to Emily...
and we'll take it forward from there!

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