Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jungle Book

Recently I got an opportunity to work on
illustrations for a customized "Jungle Book"
for Aviva through Abhiyaan.

Following are the exploratory sketches done
for varied postures, and moods of the lead tiger.
They were done in 2 styles :
Caricature & Realistic.

Tools used : Water colors, acrylics, rotring, Photo inks, colored pencils

The little cub shown in the process of being created.

Muthu the Elephant.

Following are the Cover Ideas for the booklet :

Finally the project didn't quite take off 
as we had hoped it would, 
but quite a handful to share nonetheless!
Life is a Jungle Book after all!


  1. tumhaare charan kahaan hai maate?? absolutely FANTATSIC WORK!...i am totally in awe of u now woman!.... very very cool!

  2. hehehe! arati ji you are too kind ji i tell you! :D