Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That 50s Show Part III


An independent young woman.
A successful dentist.
A perfectionist who is loved by her patients 
as much as by her family.

Steve thinks she still makes her college denims look hot!

Emma on the first glimpse.
Tools used : Cartridge stained with tea and photoinks.
Emily painted and lined with acrylics, water colors, poster paints, colored pencils, 
photo inks, rotring, and pretty much anything and everything!
The delicate nose,
A full red mouth that smiles a kind smile,
A flawless complexion (fit to star in a ponds advert),
A delicate yet strong jawline,
hint of cheekbones,
an overall pleasant personality 
who people would find easy to trust and love.

Emma photoshopped 
to match the rest of the characters' skin tones you see!

Clad in her white clinical coat,
Green surgical gloves,
A pearl drop earring to hint a classic sort of taste in things,
Refined, classy, timeless.

Emma, right where we need her to be...
in a thought bubble!
Steve's of course!

The little brunette girl has beautiful soft curls,
Rosy pink cheeks,
Is clad in a ruffled puffy sleeve frock 
of red and white pinstripes.
A perfect poster child of the 50s, 
ready with a smile!

Emma on the background we want her on 
to fit into the layout and the overall scheme of things.

So this completes our lineup of the characters,
Next post onwards, I say let the story begin!!
Stay tuned!


  1. Loving this 50's series!! Keep it coming! :) I'm travelling so a lil' low on my comments but I'm watching you!! ;)

  2. yay!! i missed you!! there are a whole lotta bunch of these i have comin! keep watchin