Sunday, September 19, 2010

That 50s Show Part II

A mellow and rainy monday to y'all!

So true to my word, 
here is Emily.

Emily on the first glimpse. 
Tools used : Cartridge stained with tea and photoinks.
Emily painted and lined with acrylics, water colors, poster paints, colored pencils, 
photo inks, rotring, and pretty much anything and everything!
A 50s style pin stripe shirt,
teamed with a black skirt,
worn under a white scalloped apron. 
Hair inspired from Ava Gardner but yet not there,
longer and pinned up in an effort to look younger!
Quite a plain jane, 
(unlike Emma)
A deliberate consideration of course!

 Emma gets a new mouth and new eyes!
And a stool to sit on!

It was felt that she was well way too plain!
Like she wasn't happy to get the call from Steve...
So Emily gets a makeover
A new smiling mouth
and kind brown eyes!

Emily gets a Phone!

A blue retro landline
with a long twisty chord,
the kind they had in the good ol days.
Whole point is the call she is getting from Steve after all!
Emily gets grocery too

To complete her make believe world,
we get her the staples,
granulated sugar,
milk, cereal,
tomato juice,
peanut butter,
and some tooth paste too.

And finally we have her on the background we need her on.

But I still can't reveal what Steve has to say to Emily,
all the way from his red phone
to Emily's blue one...
But its all about Emma!

So make sure to check out the next post for Emma!

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