Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bewade on the Rocks

Today's post is a whole lot different 
from all the ones shared thus far.
You have to hear it to believe it!
You can find it on the side bar
under the same sub head.
I bring to you
or right here

tully night wanderers. 
enthusiasts who like to bask in the glory of of their own groupiness. 
nutcases with hawjikapawji moments. 
entertaining vocal and instrumental aspirants who aim to freak out and enjoy life. 
we draw from personal experiences and if you like us,
we can turn into origami frogs,
and fit right into your pockets. 
come kiss us wont you!! 
Album Cover Artwork created by me of course!
Tools used : A humble pencil

Its taken from a larger scheme of things 
created back in 2008

 Tools Used : Pencil, Colored pencils, Corel, Photoshop

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain! Rain! Come Again!!

And so the past 2 days, have finally brought some rain to hot and humid Delhi.

Pouring down the passing clouds
you fell upon the rooftops of this world.
Then you ran in every direction
and escaped through the drain spout . . .

You marched down the ridges
neatly down the corrugated tin roof.
Falling free atlast
but first in tandem...

Focused at first 
and then all blurry.
Together, like little children jumping into a puddle.
Marching. Falling. Flying.

I caught you 
on the cushion of my tongue.
You fell into a deep slumber
in the arms of the Beloved.

Dated : ‎20 ‎July ‎2010, ‏‎13:17, The little rustic terrace in front of the studio

Friday, July 23, 2010

Methodology part III

And so here I am, just as I promised.
The day has been satisfactorily eventful to say the least!
And keeping up with my promise, here is the third and the final part of the series.

Ok ok I won't talk as much, and post first!

The final look, keeping in mind all the prior concerns
of making it look apt and youthful at the same time,
and of finding a mascot that would represent the brand. 
You can see the final adaptations below :

So what do y'all think?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excuse me please while I kiss the sky

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting these past couple of days,
but believe me I have tonnes to share and only no time :(
Was down with flu and 
today have got a very interesting and exciting new project!
All thanks to one of my bestest buddies Andy!

Its all illustrations of animals is all I can reveal at the moment.
But will be able to share something more substantial in a couple days.
I know the third part to my methodology is still pending,
and thanks to the ever so lovely paisley people, 
its good to know that its awaited. 

So I promise not to keep you waiting for too long.
And please do watch this space tomorrow for exactly that and lil bit more!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Methodology part II

The aim was to create a mascot of sorts that could lend a personality to the brand.
Mascots are defined as a term for any person, 
animal, or object thought to bring luck
or act as fictional spokespeople for the goods being delivered.

I personally feel, they are a boost to your visual identity,
they add a human touch and let you play,
they add fun to something as boring as a serious adult life.
I know that they work better with consumer goods,
where there is something more tangible involved as opposed to a service,
but a little bit of entertainment can go a long way in being memorable for your customers.

Thus, since the firm is made of relatively young people,
it was decided the characterization too had to be in line with that.
Hence a little playfulness was incorporated 
via this next option :

Option 2, Tools Used : Corel, Phototshop

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Methodology part I

People often wonder aloud,
"What if we don't like what you deliver to us?"
And even at the cost of sounding redundant, 
we repeat "Design is a process".
This post is specifically put together to explain both.

When we take on a project,
we share this process with our clients. 
We share the thought process and often present options. 
We eliminate the doubt altogether and 
the following would give you a peep into our methodology. 
I will upload the various options put together over the next few days,
for the identity related work done for Retail Advisor.
From initial thought processes,
to preliminary sketches,
to a refined output, 
along with the application.

3 options were presented, together, for selection :

Option 1, Tools Used : Corel, Phototshop

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Of ol Cars and New in Identity

Have had a really nice day so far.
Drove a car in traffic for the very first time.
An old rusty khatara 800
with a chassis that lets you see the road below.
Wipers don't function
and neither does the horn sometimes when it must!
But I'm a li'l ol' school about these things.
I want to restore a contessa.
Get a classic vintage enfield or perhaps even a yezdi.

This reminded me of an old caricature, 
perhaps the first I ever did, of a very dear friend, 
back when he sold his first beloved car,
apparently also a Maruti 800. 
Today I understand the sentiments in true spirit!

Anyhow, today its all about identity 
and will feature some odd projects that we've been up to so far.

Usually all successful businesses are made up of three strands :
Financial know how
and their Ability to sell or seduce.

Today we mostly take a product's functional characteristics for granted
and while brands are still about image, its no longer just their image, 
but also our own.
Branding by definition enables us to define ourselves
in terms of a shorthand that which  is immediately comprehensible 
to the world around us.

And talking of a logo specifically,
is like focusing on the tip of the berg. 
It should say all that it represents,
in ways that make it distinctly recognizable,
simple enough to be comprehensible,
and should symbolically represent some sort of an ideology.

That being said,
The first of the lot, belongs to a print set up that got inspired by our very name
yes, d4design. 
Except that its very cleverly christened 
Shows the Business Card and the letterhead design.
The name itself is chosen very aptly and that is highlighted by the 
key 'P' from a keyboard. 
the 4 CMYK dots that overlap with the 'i' in 'print', 
further hint at the fact that its all about printing.
The typography is self developed and the entire look of it being formed out of a cord 
adds humor to a rather serious business. 
This being said, I would like to just remind everyone that all work on this blog is a
copyright of d4design and its respective clients and
copy of any sort would not be tolerated.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite People!

Sorry haven't been able to write in for a couple days,
We're finally furnishing our studio in Hauz Khas!
Thanks to lovely Harshita and adorable Meera, found some good cupboards
and quite a good deal with the banjaras on MG Road.
Will upload pics soon.
As soon as we find the time to play around with them!

Till then, had the opportunity to do a couple more caricatures for some of my favorite people.
First was parent's 31st anniversary on the 4th.
They celebrated by the ganges in Haridwar.

Tools used : Pencil, Photo Inks, Markers
Will click a photograph of them holding this once its framed so you all can compare!

Also had the chance to attend the First Baby Shower of the coolest-mommy-to-be!
Darling, I had an amazing time and we all here sincerely hope
all the very very best for you and the baby!

Tools used : Tea and photo ink stains, Pencil, Rotring ink

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before You Center That clay

I am a potter
This statement is meant more for me than for anyone else reading it.
I haven't potted in a long time now, and hence the need to remind myself what I need to get back to.

I have a wheel, kept right outside my studio,
on a little terrace with plants all around and a precious blue hammock.
An acquisition from the Gokarna trip. 
Its newer than the wheel and yet has been used much more.

So what I'm going to post today is to inspire myself to get back to what I love,
and perhaps inspire others in the process

The journey ended or rather started with me arriving unannounced at Mini and Mary's beautiful home in Andretta. I had met them a week before in Delhi and it had worked out just as had been planned. I was packed and ready to move in to learn pottery! The thought had suddenly come to me as I was looking to study further and had been accepted in couple universities in the UK. But I believe this one compulsive step changed the course of my life in an instant.
The mosaic on the outside said, come hither (well not physically). And I felt at home instantly. After a lunch of daal chawal and dumping my luggage in a small small room, with a paddy field right outside the one window, I bid farewell to dad and uncle. The quest had really gotten me far this time.
Spent the night before in Pragpur, India's first heritage village. And it made me see what the coexistence of choices could make a town to look like. 
On one hand there were quaint little houses made of mud bricks and thatched roofs, which I later saw in abundance in Andretta; while on the other were gaudily painted palatial look alikes downsized of course to fit into crummiest of places. 
You can't really force choices onto people. Neither can you make Pragpur look like Prague. But then what must one do to ensure that it does indeed look like what it should? India's first heritage village, I'm not too sold!

Coming back to Andretta, at the pottery, met two very good potters. Milap, a humble sharer and Jugal, the effervescent Experimenter. And under the guided hands of Mini, I touched the first lump of clay on a wheel! 
 Which of course came after kneading and prepping the clay a dozen times to ensure no bubbles remained in there. One thing is for certain, I would leave this place with toned arms! 
First lot was bloody frustrating. Kicking the wheel, along with attempting to center was not working at all. I always thought I was good at centering things and finding that balance. But none of it was showing. First attempts at visually centering the clay didn't pay off. 
But then after a magical lunch, I just sat there, feeling it in my hands. Closed my eyes and felt an effortless centering. An innate oneness with the self. I was close and it was just the first day! I was elated!
Its a little surprising to see that something so little, almost non-consequential can actually assert itself on you and mold your further actions. Pottery is a craft that tests you and tests you some more till you decide to take control and become one with yourself and the clay. Its much like raising a child perhaps, where you are partly responsible for all that you put in and yet stand helpless as the child is bound to have a mind of its own. As Sardar Gurcharan very aptly put it,

"Center your mind
Before you center your clay"

First set of cylinders that I ever pulled

And the first batch of cups!

And the final first fired batch of beer mugs on request, inspired from Guinness,
delivered to a very happy home indeed

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On a Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you can think that you know a city inside out,
and yet be surprised when you stumble upon something you least expected somewhere.

I have lived in this city for about 20 years, 
and what I had the chance to stumble upon a lazy lazy sunday yesterday, blew me away completely.

The day started with the rain, and thank god it has been around ever since! 
The monsoons are here! Yay!
After a hearty breakfast of anda bhurji and tawa bread, 
coupled with a night of micmacs and sitting out on a windy rain soaked terrace, 
we finally made haste in our search for some cheap second hand furniture.

Our destination : A quaint lil farmhouse on Chhatarpur Mandir Road.
The chowkidar at the gate waved us in and we had no idea what lay in store for us 
down the narrow ashok lined lane.
What greeted us were enormous sheds after shed dotted with cupboards in distressed greens, serene blues, subdued pinks; rotund black vessels; ash trays crafted out of thick traditional bangles and anklets (the kinds that perhaps my grandmother wore as a young village belle); old kolkata styled ornate beds with cupids adorning the headboard, such cliched honeymoon reminders that perhaps stepped out of a Rituparno Ghosh movie; really old mirrors; kitschy jesus statues with broken arms; hand painted tibetan trunks; assortment of chairs of every kind; the most beautiful bird cage; huge kerala masaage tables crafted out of a single piece of wood and so so much more than words can do justice. 

The place was huge! No wonder we regressed so many times from our search for a simple table
and just dreamt of what ifs! 

And then it started pouring. 
The corrugated tin roof had water flowing down its channels in neat rows.
Straight and focused at first and then all blurry with the wind. Together in unison. 
Marching. Falling. Flying.

All three of us just sat there in silence. Awed. 
Just in that moment and yet not quite there.
Together yet disjointed. 
Sitting on a couch without the upholstery, as if it had been laid out just for us.

Sadly the price didnt really work out and though we came back empty handed... all I have to say is this:
Certain moments can just stay with you.
Their occurrence as random as their memory, 
Tucked away and stored to raise their head on a hot humid summer afternoon all of a sudden.

Sometimes you can think that you know yourself inside out,
and yet be surprised when you stumble upon something you least expected somewhere
and be changed in ways you can't yet fathom.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Garden on My Wall

Storm clouds in tea cups
Inks from delhi blue pots
Blood red roses from a discarded tile
Little kingdoms of gum drops

I have a garden on my wall
A secret kingdom of my own
Bees visit it quite often
And I go fishing in it all alone

Created using discarded tiles, broken cups, vases, plates and pretty much anything, so in a way a wall of free tiles!
Cut them and mosaic-d them by myself. 
It fools bees too!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Driving down the 'Garden of Love'

Since we are on this topic of weddings and especially Indian ones at that, 
I can't help but wonder what good wedding gifts there could be.
I raise this topic since frankly I haven't attended weddings and
if I were to, I would rather like to be remembered as a "Cool" gift giver. 
Childhood issues or just a believer of give-what-you-would-like-to-receive, I frankly have no clue.
So when in doubt, I turn to what I would like to receive the most... 
something personalized or better still crafted by the giver!

So this below was my gift to my sister among other things (a coffee table kamasutra at that!)...
For her to take along and put up in her new house in Muscat and remember me...

 Tools used : Pencil, water color paper, tea, water color and acrylics, rotring, marker
Also a photograph of the lovely couple along with, it doesn't really match at the moment perhaps but was fun nonetheless! :)
You can enlarge and actually read the squiggles, which spell out all the funny vows they ought to have made to each other in my opinion! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The minute  I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you,
Not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.
- Rumi

I had the opportunity to design a wedding card recently. Those of you who know me would understand how difficult it really would have been, given my fear of anything wedding-y. 
But since it was my own sister's wedding, it was hard to get out of. 
The quest was not to go ahead with run of the mill glittery shiny bright nonsensical ones available off the shelf. Hence the need to weave a story. 
Thus the overall theme was of 'Garden of Love'.

All the mayhem started because of this really :

 Back and front
Offset printed with screen accents

Various inserts for the events
All hand illustrated

From sketch to color. 
Decided to go with the uncolored figures as they seemed more earthy. 
Medium - Pencils, rotring, photo inks, tea

The card was delivered with a special square box with badaams mishri

The entire styling was to incorporate colors that were muted yet rich. 
And all the props, be it this dabba or the wedding decor or the kalamkaari inspired illustrations on the card, were used to enhance the experience of an Indian wedding specifically. 
I would elaborate on this more when I actually get around to putting up the decor pictures which are being processed at the moment.

Inside of the card with a  flap holding the inserts in place.
Details of the flap can be seen in the bottom image along with the printed effects of screen overlay.

I actually ended up enjoying quite a bit and got to experiment on the printings table as well. 
So would just like to say, that if any bride to be is going through this and wishes to have something unique that sets apart her day from the rest, feel free to reach me at