Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Of ol Cars and New in Identity

Have had a really nice day so far.
Drove a car in traffic for the very first time.
An old rusty khatara 800
with a chassis that lets you see the road below.
Wipers don't function
and neither does the horn sometimes when it must!
But I'm a li'l ol' school about these things.
I want to restore a contessa.
Get a classic vintage enfield or perhaps even a yezdi.

This reminded me of an old caricature, 
perhaps the first I ever did, of a very dear friend, 
back when he sold his first beloved car,
apparently also a Maruti 800. 
Today I understand the sentiments in true spirit!

Anyhow, today its all about identity 
and will feature some odd projects that we've been up to so far.

Usually all successful businesses are made up of three strands :
Financial know how
and their Ability to sell or seduce.

Today we mostly take a product's functional characteristics for granted
and while brands are still about image, its no longer just their image, 
but also our own.
Branding by definition enables us to define ourselves
in terms of a shorthand that which  is immediately comprehensible 
to the world around us.

And talking of a logo specifically,
is like focusing on the tip of the berg. 
It should say all that it represents,
in ways that make it distinctly recognizable,
simple enough to be comprehensible,
and should symbolically represent some sort of an ideology.

That being said,
The first of the lot, belongs to a print set up that got inspired by our very name
yes, d4design. 
Except that its very cleverly christened 
Shows the Business Card and the letterhead design.
The name itself is chosen very aptly and that is highlighted by the 
key 'P' from a keyboard. 
the 4 CMYK dots that overlap with the 'i' in 'print', 
further hint at the fact that its all about printing.
The typography is self developed and the entire look of it being formed out of a cord 
adds humor to a rather serious business. 
This being said, I would like to just remind everyone that all work on this blog is a
copyright of d4design and its respective clients and
copy of any sort would not be tolerated.

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