Friday, July 23, 2010

Methodology part III

And so here I am, just as I promised.
The day has been satisfactorily eventful to say the least!
And keeping up with my promise, here is the third and the final part of the series.

Ok ok I won't talk as much, and post first!

The final look, keeping in mind all the prior concerns
of making it look apt and youthful at the same time,
and of finding a mascot that would represent the brand. 
You can see the final adaptations below :

So what do y'all think?


  1. hey! thanks!! i'm just checking out your blog! totally love the edgy styling! keep dropping in, would be lovely to catch you around :)

  2. hey sophia! thanks! i try to add humor to lil everyday mundane things... thanks for stopping by :)
    your pictures are a whole lotta fun!! i especially like your amsterdam ones! keep clicking and sharing!