Thursday, July 1, 2010

The minute  I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you,
Not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.
- Rumi

I had the opportunity to design a wedding card recently. Those of you who know me would understand how difficult it really would have been, given my fear of anything wedding-y. 
But since it was my own sister's wedding, it was hard to get out of. 
The quest was not to go ahead with run of the mill glittery shiny bright nonsensical ones available off the shelf. Hence the need to weave a story. 
Thus the overall theme was of 'Garden of Love'.

All the mayhem started because of this really :

 Back and front
Offset printed with screen accents

Various inserts for the events
All hand illustrated

From sketch to color. 
Decided to go with the uncolored figures as they seemed more earthy. 
Medium - Pencils, rotring, photo inks, tea

The card was delivered with a special square box with badaams mishri

The entire styling was to incorporate colors that were muted yet rich. 
And all the props, be it this dabba or the wedding decor or the kalamkaari inspired illustrations on the card, were used to enhance the experience of an Indian wedding specifically. 
I would elaborate on this more when I actually get around to putting up the decor pictures which are being processed at the moment.

Inside of the card with a  flap holding the inserts in place.
Details of the flap can be seen in the bottom image along with the printed effects of screen overlay.

I actually ended up enjoying quite a bit and got to experiment on the printings table as well. 
So would just like to say, that if any bride to be is going through this and wishes to have something unique that sets apart her day from the rest, feel free to reach me at


  1. I already got married.. ;-) But really amazing; and the Bachelorette pics were nice, till the light were gone..

  2. m bout to get married in december ;-)

    Amazing..concept..n love the colors!

  3. ur sister's card makes me feel like getting married too! ;) (n trust me, making me say that is SOMETHING)
    good job woman!

  4. casper I can really relate to your no name post. but i think that is exactly what is wrong with us. we don't react when we need to and we very easily make our peace with things and if we can't we still don't do anything about it. what we truly need is a revolution as a society.
    thanks to both you and rachna, i plane to post more wedding related stuff, since i think there aren't that many good ones out there dedicated to decent "indian" weddings...
    so please do keep reading and let me know what you feel. also, if you require my services for your own weddings, do mail in! :D

  5. These are great Sonal! My sis is having an elaborate indian wedding too! Still got some time to go but you've got me all excited to work on it!!! :)

  6. Thanks Meetu! (That actually is also my sister's pet name, even though she goes by Nidhi, I wonder why!) Anyhu, there are a lot more things, from flower decor to center pieces for a sit down dinner, to the styling of the lovely bride herself! I've just been too lazy to process them from RAW, but will share soon!