Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The restless dancer

She walked in. 
Threw her back pack on to the floor and plopped on to the chair. 
"Coming dad!" 
The night had been restless. 
Tucked away in a small apartment in Hauz Khas Village, she could be anything she wanted. 
Here at home, there were rules.

There were too many thoughts in her head. 
 Floating like bubbles. Itching to come out through her ears, her mouth.
Her Nose.
She could smell them finally.
The kinds that know no boundary. 

They just want to be let out. 
It could be in the bright light of the day
Or the dark of the night.
They whispered to the blue moon
And made her dance on the tip.
"Coming dad!"

Dated : ‎06 ‎August ‎2009, ‏‎08:14:08, Main Leh Market

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