Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For a million mirrors to see

I have had this blog created and stored away for a day like today for about a year now. 
They say it happens when the time is right. 
And it is true indeed. 
I am finally here and it took all of one hour to put things in place.

I start with what I wrote on a friend's fb status for a question "what's on your mind"

and Fences
Some universes that have been crossed
and Some that need no crossing
Tasks at hand
and Barriers within

Mountains and beaches
Fish and peaches
Storms and inks
and Thoughts of committing a sin

Observing and preserving
These moments that are unfurling
Moons and junes
and That everyday din

 A completely unedited photograph. Dated : ‎07 ‎August ‎2009, ‏‎01:03:14


  1. Yes. At the Leh Palace actually. The upside down reflection was by total fluke but who's complaining!