Friday, July 2, 2010

Driving down the 'Garden of Love'

Since we are on this topic of weddings and especially Indian ones at that, 
I can't help but wonder what good wedding gifts there could be.
I raise this topic since frankly I haven't attended weddings and
if I were to, I would rather like to be remembered as a "Cool" gift giver. 
Childhood issues or just a believer of give-what-you-would-like-to-receive, I frankly have no clue.
So when in doubt, I turn to what I would like to receive the most... 
something personalized or better still crafted by the giver!

So this below was my gift to my sister among other things (a coffee table kamasutra at that!)...
For her to take along and put up in her new house in Muscat and remember me...

 Tools used : Pencil, water color paper, tea, water color and acrylics, rotring, marker
Also a photograph of the lovely couple along with, it doesn't really match at the moment perhaps but was fun nonetheless! :)
You can enlarge and actually read the squiggles, which spell out all the funny vows they ought to have made to each other in my opinion! :)


  1. hey!!
    Let me first say u are extremely talented...!!
    next i need some help. my future SIL is going to be married in Decnin delhi, and id like to gift her something similar to what you've given ur sis...and a coffee table Kamasutra [where from??]...
    could you make a painting for me too? i will be happy to know :D pls let me know!!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the kind words sweta! I would be delighted to! You can mail me at and we can figure out the specifics. Will also tell you where to get the coffee table KS from as well... believe me I had looked pretty much everywhere before finally buying and it was fun going up to bookshop wallahs and seeing their reactions! :)

  3. Haha, I love that Caricature and am also terribly curious about this Kamasutra coffee table.

    Also- fun blog!

  4. Thanks Gemma! There are some more interesting things on their way soon. So hit the follow button if you like! I love the feeling of being lady moses! On the coffee table front.... Hah! Trust me, you aint the first one! ;)