Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bewade on the Rocks

Today's post is a whole lot different 
from all the ones shared thus far.
You have to hear it to believe it!
You can find it on the side bar
under the same sub head.
I bring to you
or right here

tully night wanderers. 
enthusiasts who like to bask in the glory of of their own groupiness. 
nutcases with hawjikapawji moments. 
entertaining vocal and instrumental aspirants who aim to freak out and enjoy life. 
we draw from personal experiences and if you like us,
we can turn into origami frogs,
and fit right into your pockets. 
come kiss us wont you!! 
Album Cover Artwork created by me of course!
Tools used : A humble pencil

Its taken from a larger scheme of things 
created back in 2008

 Tools Used : Pencil, Colored pencils, Corel, Photoshop


  1. Lovely!! haha You guys should try "ek titli" (doordarshan), I wish I was there to show my my version of it! hehehe This is great! Love the name artwork, everything... You've got a big fan! :)

    ek titli.. anek titliyaa, bolo ek titli.. anek titliya, arre jhor se bolo... hehe full on bhajan mode!

  2. Arey waah!! Thanks! We shall try that for sure! :D and if you come down to delhi ever, we would love to have you join us!

  3. Awesome caricature yaar!!
    I shud commission you to design a logo for me photography then...when i can afford theee..

  4. arey katy, tum poochh ke to dekho, we can work something out am sure! :D