Sunday, August 1, 2010

Of Recycled Window Panes

I believe that good interiors 
do not require a big budget. 
What they require is an intent.
That of wanting to put together,
a home that welcomes you.
One that is bright and warm.
One that has a personal touch and feels cozy.
Or singularly, one that makes you feel comfortable.

I recently had the opportunity to put together
a cupboard made out of old window panes.
Each pane was slightly different in size
and had glass.
But since it was meant for storage purposes,
we decided to cover the glass with something
that not only hid the many blankets,
and sheets and countless pillows from a prying eye,
but also gave it an identity of its own.

A summer's yellow,
spread softly on a sunday classified.
An indian eye lined with kohl,
bleeds the black and comes alive.

Tools used : Merkers, Rotrings, Acrylics, Photo Inks, News print

Just to show the scale of a single panel


  1. You should submit these before and afters to designsponge. You deserve to be featured! Bou cool che!

  2. aww! thanks che! :D before pictures I forgot to take but I have more window frames lying around, waiting to be reclaimed!


    Do it!!!! I think a studio tour (after seeing your bathroom) is a brilliant idea!

  4. I did read it, and I'm on it. Have to click pictures and all and put them together. Thanks a ton mitali! You're a sweetheart! *hugs!