Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lets Go Higher, Touch the Sky with Glory!

I was recently approached for a mural 
by one of the Indian Air Force Base.
It was meant for a bar at the golf Course,
and the dimensions of the wall were 8X18 ft.

The aim was to create a space that not only celebrated
the valor of the handsome men at the IAF, 
but also built an environment 
where they could sit back and enjoy post a hard day's work.

I decided to go with a Marvel Comic like feel to the entire thing. 
The pilot standing tall, larger than life, like a real hero
and the wall behind him coming apart, 
giving way to some vintage air crafts 
that seemed to flow right in!

"Lets go Higher" was meant as a pun
and merged with the motto of the IAF,
"Touch the sky with Glory"

The first sketch on which the mural was fashioned after.

Changes were made to this.
Since the dimensions of the wall made it out to be
more rectangular than square,
a nice stretch of the lush green golf course in the background was added
such that the outdoors felt like a part of the indoors. 

The vintage craft was replaced with an MI35
to make it more realistic for today's times. 
The pilot was put in proper uniform and handed a beer 
to make the symbology of being in a 'bar' stronger.

The Poster on the wall that reads 
"Do Not Drink & Fly"
was meant to be an actually framed and placed element
to add an even more realistic touch.


  1. I loove the "do not drink and fly" touch!!!

  2. I loved your *original* idea... Was it the client side that asked for the beer mug? ;-)

  3. Thanks mitali!
    Rashmi, yes it was, they said it was a bar :)

  4. And I thought it was just our clients!!! :D