Sunday, August 8, 2010


End of february 2010, 
my school, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya,
hosted its annual Alumni dinner.
Now, ever since I "pass"ed out of there in 2002, 
I'd never gone back...
So I decided not only would I attend it finally,
but also contribute as much as I can,
all in the spirit of giving back to the community.
Thus came along an entire identity package. 
Someone came up with the name 
and I got rolling.

I took off from the basic meaning of the term itself.
"a vibration of the collective energy"
and came up with typefaces for the same 
in both hindi and english,
keeping in line with the tradition of the school.

The building of the network itself, 
saw the hard work and a collective contribution of many
other members of the alumni from various batches.

Next came the Alumni Network logo.
Basic premise was to work with
the 'chakra' that we all associate with the vidyalaya :

 Thus, building a human network 
around the structure 
such that its still recognizable as the chakra.
The vibrant colors not only represent the unity in diversity
but also bring forth the colors of 'holi'
that was to be played at the venue...
(since it was around the same time, 
and was to be celebrated before the dinner among the alumnis as well)

 Once this was adopted as the alumni network logo,
invites were created for the faculty, staff and the students.

Posters were created to be put up at various venues
across Delhi.
The look took off from the logo and was built upon.

Clicked in front of the school, 
and you can see our beloved 'chakra'
in the background.

Clicked in Defence Colony market.
Sadly the poster had been put upside down! 

It was also advertised in the Newspaper.
And was printed in The Times of India

Car stickers were created to be handed out to 
the attending alumnus.
(Though I was late, and never got one for my own self!)

It was also used as a backdrop for the projector
while the choir sang old vidyalaya songs 
and before a small presentation.

The logo can be seen online at the school alumni page at :!/pages/SPV-Alumni-Network/268141093144?ref=ts
or at :
(but only if you are a member)


  1. The Chakra is so beautifully done! So very clever!!! I wish you could do my logo!!!!

  2. thanks mitali!! what's your logo about?! now im mighty intrigued!

  3. I am working on a kidswear brand, "Little Pailey People" trying to come up with a logo but I'm a complete disaster! The only good thing that has come out of all the brainstorming is the name!!!

  4. thats quite a cool name indeed! lemme see how i can help!

    You passed out in 2002 and created the design, I Rakesh Passed outin 1971 and had the privilege to print your lovely and thought full design.
    In case you need the stickers do let me know.
    Rakesh Taneja

  6. All that is so encouraging! I am too from a creative background and would like to congratulate on the entire endeavor. I have a 3D Animation studio and would be happy if I can be of any help.

    Nitin Gupta
    1995 batch

  7. Rakesh ji of course I want the stickers!! :D
    Do let me know how I can get my hands on them. Also, any proceeds on p4print?

    Nitin, sure would let you know, though are you into websites as well?? I am currently looking for programmers actually...

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog!! Do hit the "follow" button if you like it, I post often and you would not be disappointed! :)

  8. Fantastic logos sonal! They stole the show at the SPV Alumni meet. I have the sticker on my car now !
    And you have a great blog :)

    (BTW I am from the SPV 97 batch!)

  9. Thanks ruchira, i too am a compulsive list maker!! what are the odds!! i have a tonne of paper scraps with all sorts of lists, but i do recycle in papier mache`.
    Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the blog!
    Do hit the "follow" button if you like it, I post often and you would not be disappointed! :)

  10. Hey Sonal.. This is an excellent Logo. I am surprised i never saw it before i read your blog. It justifies the name exactly the way i had pictured. The reason i say this is because I suggested the name "Spandan" for the meet :):)..
    I am really thrilled to see it.. especially with the way you went about making it.. Finding out the meaning and blending the colors beautifully to come up with this.
    Great job done.. !!

    Although i couldnt attend the meet as i am working in Hyderabad i got some fascinating reviews about it and made me really nostalgic.

    Ritvik Prasad
    Batch - 2004

  11. Hey Ritvik! Yeah I remember the name came from you. And Im glad, could do justice to it!
    I did manage to attend the do and clicked some pictures also, haven't managed to upload them yet, but will try and do asap.
    Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the blog!
    Do hit the "follow" button if you like it, I post often and you would not be disappointed! :)

  12. parth! at the expense of sounding repetitive, I am not going to say that you stop smiling and repeat that you hit the follow button! Wait! I just did! :D
    How're you doing?!
    thanks for reiterating the link on the network!

  13. Hello,
    I wanted to catch hold of the presentation that was shown on the reunion day, it had a wonderful voice-over and splendid photographs. Does anyone have it or has any link to share?

  14. Abhishek that was actually a short film. You can get in touch with the Alumni Network for that or write at Maybe it'll help...

  15. Sonal, already hit the follow button ! Glad you enjoyed my posts. Please do Follow nirjharini, I have a feeling you might enjoy the blog ! I spent almost all my non working hrs there :)

  16. Nicely done Sonal... beautiful logo...

  17. Thanks Ne, its heart warming to see people still leaving comments after a year :)