Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Methodology part I

People often wonder aloud,
"What if we don't like what you deliver to us?"
And even at the cost of sounding redundant, 
we repeat "Design is a process".
This post is specifically put together to explain both.

When we take on a project,
we share this process with our clients. 
We share the thought process and often present options. 
We eliminate the doubt altogether and 
the following would give you a peep into our methodology. 
I will upload the various options put together over the next few days,
for the identity related work done for Retail Advisor.
From initial thought processes,
to preliminary sketches,
to a refined output, 
along with the application.

3 options were presented, together, for selection :

Option 1, Tools Used : Corel, Phototshop

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