Sunday, July 4, 2010

On a Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you can think that you know a city inside out,
and yet be surprised when you stumble upon something you least expected somewhere.

I have lived in this city for about 20 years, 
and what I had the chance to stumble upon a lazy lazy sunday yesterday, blew me away completely.

The day started with the rain, and thank god it has been around ever since! 
The monsoons are here! Yay!
After a hearty breakfast of anda bhurji and tawa bread, 
coupled with a night of micmacs and sitting out on a windy rain soaked terrace, 
we finally made haste in our search for some cheap second hand furniture.

Our destination : A quaint lil farmhouse on Chhatarpur Mandir Road.
The chowkidar at the gate waved us in and we had no idea what lay in store for us 
down the narrow ashok lined lane.
What greeted us were enormous sheds after shed dotted with cupboards in distressed greens, serene blues, subdued pinks; rotund black vessels; ash trays crafted out of thick traditional bangles and anklets (the kinds that perhaps my grandmother wore as a young village belle); old kolkata styled ornate beds with cupids adorning the headboard, such cliched honeymoon reminders that perhaps stepped out of a Rituparno Ghosh movie; really old mirrors; kitschy jesus statues with broken arms; hand painted tibetan trunks; assortment of chairs of every kind; the most beautiful bird cage; huge kerala masaage tables crafted out of a single piece of wood and so so much more than words can do justice. 

The place was huge! No wonder we regressed so many times from our search for a simple table
and just dreamt of what ifs! 

And then it started pouring. 
The corrugated tin roof had water flowing down its channels in neat rows.
Straight and focused at first and then all blurry with the wind. Together in unison. 
Marching. Falling. Flying.

All three of us just sat there in silence. Awed. 
Just in that moment and yet not quite there.
Together yet disjointed. 
Sitting on a couch without the upholstery, as if it had been laid out just for us.

Sadly the price didnt really work out and though we came back empty handed... all I have to say is this:
Certain moments can just stay with you.
Their occurrence as random as their memory, 
Tucked away and stored to raise their head on a hot humid summer afternoon all of a sudden.

Sometimes you can think that you know yourself inside out,
and yet be surprised when you stumble upon something you least expected somewhere
and be changed in ways you can't yet fathom.

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