Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That 50s Show Finale

On a gray granular sky,
floats the love story
of Steve and Emma.

He's looking for
that special ring for her,
and is in grave dilemma!
He calls her sister Emily,
and she really is Family.
She knows her Ems deep,
and comes up with a solution

Following is the final layout of the handout.
Imprinting Steve and Emma's love for each other.
To be shared with those who're looking to make a commitment.

Tools used : Cartridge stained with tea and photoinks.
Emily painted and lined with acrylics, water colors, poster paints, colored pencils, 
photo inks, rotring, and pretty much anything and everything!
And assembled on Corel and Photoshop. 

Following is the test print depicting the fanfold.
Its slated to have a little chiffone scarf around it
(hence the name).
But is currently in satin of course :-/

And with this we've come to the end or perhaps the beginning of a beautiful love story.

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