Sunday, October 10, 2010

Interrogating Complicities

How does the category “queer” and the critical practice of “queering” translate, as it travels from its historical specificity in the US to other global, postcolonial contexts? Does the postcolonial get elided within discussions of Queer transnational and globalization studies? The conference showcases work that asks these questions, among others, and invites discussion on the possible complicity of the postcolonial and the queer with the normative.
Interrogating Complicities 
Postcolonial, Queer, and the 
Threat of the Normative
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
November 16-16, 2010

A poster developed for a friend who is involved in organizing the conference.

Tools Used : Photo ink washes, 
with a simple structural graphic overlay on corel and photoshop.

The design sensibility is greatly inspired from 
the famous and influential school of avant-garde art -

Use of geometry, patterning, imagery, and lettering
to create simple, direct graphics
that reflect the overall aesthetic message of clarity and boldness
play a pivotal role in arriving at the end result. 

The Bauhaus (1919 - 1933) 
firmly established industrial design 
and with it stripped away the decoration, 
and left clean lines of function.
To some it represented the removal of all that is human,
but a personal bent towards those very exact human errors
made me choose a background that is created with photo ink washes.
Thus what is arrived at is an amalgamation of both the hand made 
and the industrial.


  1. Stop wasting your time on blogger. Get a domain, buy some hosting.

    you are too good for this place.

    ARe you attending the conference?

  2. Hmm you do have a point. How do I buy some hosting?
    Not attending, though would like to. Never been to Minnesota either, but might be in NY for that time so who knows, maybe I'll be able to make it after all.