Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Commissioned Caricature!

From the land of Muscat, Oman!

I know I've been away far too long.
First it was work, and now,
here I am in the land of 
dates and nighties, 
(pun intended, and no offense meant so kindly do not take any!)
visiting my sister and brother in law.

The past one month has been crazy!
With a bucket load of things to be shared, 
I assure you the following posts will have 
a vast array of interesting-ness on offer!

To begin with,
my first commissioned caricature!
By the very pretty and witty
Sweta Singh.
You can check out the doctor's blogs here and here.
Sadly we couldn't spend as much time together,
but with promises of a next time, 
it indeed has been a start of a new bond.

The caricature was commissioned for Doc sa'ab's 
would be sis in law and her hubby to be. 
And I must add, that all likeness is owed to her inputs entirely.

Though I do not have a picture of the couple with the artwork,
I am however going to share the caricature in progress 
till it was finally framed.

Sapna and Varun, are quite into yoga and head out to spiritual retreats,
hence it was decided that they be seated on 
Sapna's Pink yoga mat.
The overall color theme is also as pink as I could keep it,
since it is the bride's favorite color.
Varun is a lawyer and has an earphone tucked away in one ear at all times,
thus the lawyer's garb.
They're both surrounded with some of their favorite things.
Varun's penchant for big expensive cars,
And Sapna's music box.
Also loads of perfume bottles line up the front 
since both of them love them to bits! 

First Glimpse in pencil.

The color starts seeping in. 
And the detailing begins to emerge in little things such as
Sapna's one slightly bigger tooth, big eyes, and small feet. 
(I hope she wouldn't kill me if she ever met me in person)
She's holding a Mic in her hand as she's a TV show producer,
and is clad in a pink saree 
(on the lines of the one she wore on her engagement
accompanied with the similar jewellery as well),
and is wearing her golden star pendant which she wears all the time. 

 Tools Used : Water colors, Acrylics, Colored Pencils, 
Rotring, Photo inks, Pencil  

And finally the complete artwork, 
fully painted.
It's titled "Love is in the air"
While "Love" takes shape 
out of the surrounding vines and leaves
"is in the air" is formed out of the 
electric wires running between two poles.
It also has two Love Birds getting cozy on them, 
while you can see the two poles on either side, 
framing the lovely couple. 

 Almost complete Artwork sans the vows.

And the final thing, with my 
signature style typography swirling around the canvas.

It was handed over to Sweta, framed and 
accompanied along with a wrapping paper and a red bow.

And I sincerely hope, 
both Sapna & Varun
would have liked it just as much as 
the wonderful girl who commissioned it!


  1. Regardless of who liked it or not...Nikhil n I Loved it to bits :-) Thank u so much Sonal!!

  2. Thanks a lot for such a lovely piece of art Sonal! I liked the ideas you came across while making it :)

  3. Thanks Nick! Its all thanks to your girl and her minute observations! The doc has a keen eye ideed!
    Hey do hit the follow button, if you like the work, there is a lot of interesting work in the pipeline to be uploaded soon :)

  4. its beautiful...congrats on ur first commission

  5. Whoa! I just checked out your blog briefly and what awesomeness!!! I intend to be a regular when I get back home for sure! Aaaaah how I miss NY!
    Thanks for dropping by Prutha, do hit the follow button if you like, I post often (or at least try to), and lots of good stuff is on the way!
    Have a Happy New Year! And may you continue to share the loveliness with us in '11!