Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Old Musings & New Pairings

As the work gathers momentum, what I miss are
sketching random sketches, and thinking random thoughts.
But perhaps what I miss more is going through them after 
a couple days / months / years
and chancing upon a pairing between the two. 
Its like being in the same state at different points in time.
There is an underlining stream of thought,
connecting them in more ways than the mere creative one.

The same things.
Over and over.

It all just goes on.
And on.
And on.

The buzz in the head,
mellows to mingle
with all the noises around.

There is a sleepy intoxication.

It makes 
even the handwriting,
drawl like a drunkard.

So much so, that 
you can't even recognize it
to be your own anymore.

But with every passing day,
the feeling doesn't remain as alien.
The cathartic knowing-ness,
settles in.
You get used to thinking
the same thoughts.


They sleep with you
and wake up with you
at odd hours.

Rising up at their whim.

The same thing.
Over and over.

Tools used : Water colors, Photo ink washes, acrylics, rotring ink,
pencil and marker.

The text in bold, chanced upon in an old diary from 2005, while I was in NY,
and the illustration originally titled "look me in the eye" from 2009.